Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunday Stash and a quick book review!

Two posts in one night. Must be the sun today. I need to grab Pink Chalks button. The girls at this store are amazing.  They will bend over backwards to help you find what you need. So, I wanted to mention the Monthly Solids Club. Has anyone else joined this but me? You can choose FQ, HY or FY and I suppose any amount that you want. I chose FQ because every month for a minimal price (like a pizza) you receive one of these lovelies.

No, you do not get the Perle Cotton or the Mason Jars but you do get eight beautifully coordinated colors with an awesome color card telling you exactly which company and color they are. I have a kona color card but with the little swatches sometimes it is not spot on. This is like having a large color card on file that you can use! Some of the colors I would never think of ordering but they are heaven in person.

They began this in March and I think it is worth the investment. 

THIS arrived today

I can honestly say where some lines there are a few prints you are not crazy about. This is not one of them. The colors are divine. Fussy cutting....get ready. Tula Pink has outdone herself with Prince Charming. I cannot wait to see what all will be created with this line.
No pic but I finally finished collecting all the voile in Little Folks 
Now I am on a stripe and polka dot kick
I am getting ready for major destash. I am tired of looking at quite a bit of what I have.

Finally, I received two books I have been interested in looking at. I am just as bad about buying quilting books. I have seen these patterns online most of the time so I do not know why I do it other than I cannot get enough of beautiful, creative quilts. I can waste a lot of time doing this instead of creating them.

One I love, the other I will be sending back. Block Party is a delight. I know of and follow most of the girls in it and it is not really a quilting book, although it is, just more like a story. A story that you and I and all the girls/guys we swap fabric with, blocks with, mugrugs with but mainly the way most, not all of us learned this new way of quilting. By reading blogs and finding inspiration. To me it is fascinating. The way we help each other, support each other, have our own language. We understand each others artistic abilities and struggles and inability to cut into that fabric. I loved the intro by Denyse, she was spot on. Anyway, definitely a book worthy of reading, the quilts are adorable and is generally a fun book. The second book, Fresh Fabric Treats,  I was really disappointed with. I thought Moda would put out a book with, I don't know, something I couldn't get off Moda Bakeshop? I mean no offense to any of the bakers. All the designs are good and the quilts pretty but I do better looking through them on my own on the website. If anyone wants to buy or swap this book I am in!

Have a great holiday weekend!
I hope everyone gets to sew!


  1. Thanks for the book reviews and all thenfabric eye candy!

  2. I hadn't seen the solids club- those are gorgeous!! And where did you get your perle? I'm looking for a good source.

  3. yes, thank you for the book reviews! im excited to get a chance with block party...ive requested my library purchase it!
    major destash? hope your blog readers get first crack!

  4. I love your fabrics!!!

    I just ordered these books from Amazon and can't wait to get them!!


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