Saturday, May 28, 2011

Family heirlooms

Well I went to Walmart....yes....Walmart to replace my camera. I know...I am usually not caught dead in there unless it is an emergency. I decided to get an inexpensive camera, holding out for big daddy at Christmas. I chose a Fuji. Honestly out of all the cameras I tried it had the sharpest pics and ease of use. Here is the kicker to this story. You know when you download a pic flickr? Do you know what mine reads? Fuji/model#/then it states/Walmart!!! OMG! Now, not only was I in Walmart but I bought a camera and am taking my most precious pics with the dang thing. My hubby is trying to make it go away but it is not working. So just know I replaced my camera with a Fuji at Walmart like the complete dork that I am. So..I lost all my precious pics from   home but I can share with you what I scored in T-town (Tulsa) for those of you who know nothing about it.
1. Two t-shirts that boast of Tulsa or Oklahoma. I just had to mention that.
2. My parents met and fell in love when they were 12. They have been together since that time and they are now 75. This quilt is the one they slept under the first few years of their marriage and I wanted it bad.

Sadly, I have no idea who made this for them and it is pretty worn. I am going to have to patch several squares but I love its uniqueness and the unusual feedsacks that were used. My mom could not understand why I wanted this worn one when a pretty pastel nine patch that looked unused and had no character sat there for my choosing. I like my choice.

Then I went snooping out in the garage in their other home where my daughter lives and found this lamp. My mother found the urn in an antique store in the 60's and my Grandfather turned it into a lamp with wood and metal workmanship. It became separated in a couple of spots so it will visit the lamp doctor here in town. I think it is awesome.

Next, I took my mother to a lovely place called Windsor Market where they have a little something for everyone and i found these unbelievably awesome curtains. they are 100% linen with French script and these babies are big! I can't wait to get them up. Won't they look great with the lamp?

No heirlooms but picked up a bit of stash from a LQS along with a couple of rulers that looked interesting

That is all I could salvage out of the trip to OK. I will be back with a stash report soon.
If it is as nice where you are as it is here get outside and plant some things!

Look at this beauty from Japan
A climbing "bleeding heart"
I thought i would just die when i saw it.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I have bought several Fuji cameras for me and my son, who uses his all day every day (long story but he is autistic and love to take pics and make little videos). I love them and I really love the rechargeable batteries because with his use, it would really add up. Mine pics don't have any words stuck on them though, so I don't think I can help you.
    I would go for the old quilt too! Much cooler. Are you still living on Tulsa time????

  2. I completely understand your quilt choice!


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