Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It seems like a long time ago but the West Virginia MQG had a quilt along, for whoever chose to participate, on any cross quilt project. I went with the Me + You quilt as I had agreed with a friend to make one. We both got very busy and I completed it last night. I love the aqua and red version but i was yearning to use some modern meadow and fell into a navy and lime combo. It is hard to tell but I added Amy Butler lime full moon dots as well as AB lime seeds and used a navy pindot for the opposite effect.

Sorry for the poor lighting but we have had no sun for a long time. I was lucky to be dry.
I quilted it in a double grid pattern on either side of the seams in navy and since then wished i would have hand quilted it but I am already ripping out two quilts so that is not an option.

I tried my hand at machine binding. I know some of you love to bind by hand but sometimes I just want it done and last night was one of those nights. I used this tutorial by RPQ. I had a few errors that needed touch ups but with a little more practice I could have it down.

Now onto the rest of those blocks and it is time to dig into something new.
thanks, leslie


  1. It's about time! (Says the girl who has her blocks, unsewn, stores in a ziploc bag). Love need to re-shoot it when the sun's out! These pics don't do this gorgeous quilt justice.

  2. lovely!! what a great quilt! and i love your back!

  3. I know the pics are not coming out well even in good light. I think it is time for a new camera. thanks you guys.


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