Thursday, May 12, 2011


Hi, ya'll! Okay, I will say I have never made a mugrug or a dollquilt before but....WOW....instant gratification. I am intrigued although I suppose you could only make so many. With my first mugrug swap pending and an additional present needed for my mother for Mothers Day I decided to try my hand. I could use a little practice like all of my projects but these were super fun.

I agonized over what fabric to use for my Mom. She knows absolutely NOTHING about quilting or designers of fabrics. She wears lots of diamonds, has maids and an interior decorator that would gasp in horror if I hung one of my quilts in that house. So, on that note I poured over everything. She loves toile. Great. I have only Jennifer Paganelli bright pink, mint and lavender. Nope. Nope. Nope. Then I thought if I am making one for my Mom why not make one for my Dad. He was easy to make a quilt for this Christmas. Well, the only masculine fabric I had in my stash other than solids was Lush, then it occured to me! I could make a practice run on block making for the his and hers Lush and Uptown Paint by Number quilts I have planned (when...hmmm..sometime) for my husband and me! So there you go! Solution. Then the guilty question. Should I use my prized fabrics for someone who has no idea how hard these are to come by? Why, of course! I should use those on the people I truly love and who wants to work with crummy fabric anyway....toile...arrrggg.

These are easy and fun. I did have some issue with FMF as binding as it is so soft or maybe the piece I had has been passed around for ten years but it gave me fits and did NOT want to cooperate. It shows but my mother will never notice. The other thing I did that kind of bugs me is this was a last minute decision. I am leaving tomorrow. (If you are a robber my husband and big black biting dog are still here.) I used monofilament thread. I have used it before when I had a color situation. I would have rather hand quilted this and would have if I had time. I had no issue with the thread but I sure wish I would have thought of doing this a week ago.

That's it for now. My bee blocks are on hold and I will not be able to sew for a week. They do have a cute LQS in my hometown and I have buy back bucks to use there. yippee!!! diverse


Have a good week everyone,

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  1. very nice! I am in the Mug Rug swap with you and saw you were also a nurse, so I came to check out your blog. I am now a follower and hope you will check mine out too! I can't wait to see all the cute mug rugs.


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