Saturday, October 9, 2010

The End of Hoarding

Okay, I have figured something out that will be life altering. As a new quilter I have been watching blogs, joining bees, forming guilds all with the best of intentions.

There is one huge GLARING problem that I am willing to disclose to you. I cannot bring myself to cut into my fabric. I mean REALLY cut into it. Take my bee blocks. Here are the last six I made. I have two more to go as I was in 2 groups for a portion of this round.

They look nice but see how little i had to cut into my fabric? no big chunks.
I have so many ufo's it is ridiculous and I think this is the reason.

It was my birthday last week. This is a sampling of goods I received for my birthday.

My first obsession was Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks. I still own ALL of it. Some of it on bolts, the same with Garden Party, Chocolate Lollipop, Drawing Room and now Innocent Crush which I have been raging for since I knew about it. I love it. I love it so much that I have made a decision. I am cutting into it
 now. Thanks to Mary Dugan. You can find her at She does beautiful work. I have been following her on flickr for a while now and her work is perfection. The hand quilting, the fabrics. I realized that she takes the time and effort and really USES her fabric to its full extent. So...this is my promise to myself. I will finish my bee blocks and my Cross Quilt (which i intend to handquilt.) I have chosen The Quilt that i will cut into my Innocent Crush for. It is in Material Obsession 2 and the name of it is Erika's Honesty. I begin cutting today. The fabric is pulled and ready to go.

I cannot believe it took me this long to figure this out and although it is a relief it will be hard on me. You see I have all of Jennifer Paganelli, alot of Amy Butler, Erin Michaels, etc. etc. I have the entire cabinet filled with Heather Ross, Munki Munki and all my Denyse Schmidt including my Flea Market Fancy. If I can conquer this fear and get through this quilt then I can move on and create some beautiful quilts. Yes, the fabric will be gone but there will always be beautiful fabric...right? Then there are the scrap boxes and jars brimming with remnants for all those lovely scrap quilts. Real scrap quilts...where a scrap is not 10 yards...