Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I thought it would be around a week but they made me wait just a wee bit longer. i know other blogs have these same pictures with the same topic but this blog is mine....and so is the fabric...well...i am splitting it with Mel and Steph but the remainder is mine!

step 1. Open the box...eeee!!! all wrapped in tissue and adorably peeking!

Step 2. Count the packages and admire the Spoonflower logo printed on cotton.
Step 3. Sort, love, caress, admire, photograph. I cannot wait to get my needle on these little babies!!

How cute are THESE!!!!!


my dear friends...i am so sorry for the delay in posting but do i have excuses. first of all my sewing room in undergoing a major overhaul. you know...the kind where you pull everything out and decide what in the heck you are going to do with stuff you do not want and all of the stuff you do want is there too? that kind of thing. i have a new design board and the old one is still up, along with old lamps, furniture and posters. it is all going. i have old cabinets in there and then of course i found a wonderful little glass doored cabinet at an antique store. now i have just way too much stuff. i have also been out of town for a bit which slows things down but i am getting ready to ramp up. i am going to redesign this blog. i do not like it anymore. i need to get rid of inventory and once and for all design this sewing room the way it needs to be. you can clearly see that i need at least one more of these cabinets. they will hold everything from 1/2 yard to 3 yards. Fats need to go elsewhere. i tend to keep all my heather seperate as well as my flea market fancy. I keep those in their own bins. I would like another cabininet though so i can see all of them as well as the fat quarters.

we have been moving slow on the guild work as well and that has to be done. i am hoping stephanie will say okay to the first meeting which i would like to have a week from this saturday...(hear that steph?)

i am sure you all noticed from my extremely long tutorial that i did manage to perfect the circle of geese blocks. i will learn how to do a less wordy tute but i really wanted you all to know how to do it if you had tried and gotten frustrated like i did. These are the three i have completed, i have three more to go.

hopefully the blog will be prettier soon, the sewing room complete (don't forget i am planning a giveaway when it is done) and my entire world will be happy! here are some happy pics! i received my 100 blocks mag...yay! heather ross piles....just makes me smile.....little birdy feet in the snow.

love to all