Friday, August 21, 2009


this is totally off topic but bek and lou were snapping pics when we went to charleston, sc and they captured this picture of brad and me. i really love this picture. i usually would be horrified to not preview a picture of myself and criticize it into the ground but it is an honest interpretation of the relationship we have together. complete and total comfort in the knowledge that we will be connected forever. i think it shows in this picture. that's all......
love to all!!!!!


to all those i love thanks for the prayers for my mom. perky is doing much better. we have her in a rehab facility to strengthen up....that is all she needs..yea!!!

i will say she is not real happy about this idea of ours, exercise not being one of her favorite things to do but she IS doing it.

it was good being back in tulsa even though it was so entirely hectic. i got a sneak preview of this week getting to spend only one day over at julie, stacie and that precious baby jackson. he is the cutest thing i have EVER seen in my life.

if you want to watch just how adorable he is you can go here and watch me and him chewing is too cute for words.

they will be here tomorrow and i cannot wait!!!! i am canning tomotoes today. i will let you know about that later...i have never done such a thing before. i have lots of sewing news but not a lot of time. i will chat you all later.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


in trying to decide what to do about traveling to see my mom it seems tomorrow would be best. i will be leaving first thing in the morning and returning on tuesday.

i am hoping i can gather enough information to get the right people on the right tasks...i.e. physicians.

the healthcare system has a way of dealing with anyone over the age of 60 as "oh well...they are getting old anyway" all i have to say about that is.....not this patient.

they better be ready because i am on my way.


my mothers name is mary but everyone knows her by perky. even all the kids. it is "perky and papa's house" that they visit. my mom has been suffering small strokes for several years and is in the hospital as i write. i cannot be there (i would make it if it were critical) as plane fares are quite high and i am waiting to see if my help would be needed more when she comes home. all that is me venting my guilt as to why i moved so far and that i am here and not there.

the point of my blog today is to ask all who know me to please pray for her speedy and complete recovery. the strokes are small rendering confusion mostly. she still has all her physical function with the exception of debilitating weakness. as a nurse i understand what illness does to one's strength.

please pray for my mom to get better. i need her in my life. we all do. she is a ray of sunshine and the reason i have learned to love so completely in my life.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


we have had so much fun this summer but it isn't over yet. i only have two weeks left before this face will meet me in the airport. hurry two weeks!!!!!we have been to charleston, we saw cassie perform in "RENT" we saw DMB!
but nothing compares to the excitement of this little guy...AND his mom and dad
HEY!!!! guess what? i ordered another sewing machine. it was very reasonable and was supposed to have about 9 different feet with it. BUT ebay seller made a mistake. no feet!!! OH MY!!! good news though. they gave me the machine free. so now i have a basic heavy duty janome. i just have to go buy all the feet for it.

now i have two machines! i am holding out for the big one though....the one that does EVERYTHING i need it to do for me.

today i am hitting the quilt. i pinned and prepped yesterday. hopefully i can show a finished product in the next day or two.

ta ta for now. enough blogging for today.


have i mentioned lately that i love DAVE? i have lost count of how many times i have seen this band perform but it just gets better. it was an odd concert due to the new release "big whiskey and the groogrux king" but the band will learn to jam harder with time and the crowd will do whatever it is we do when we KNOW a song.

we had a great time with bek and lou. i so dearly love my new family in law. like my relationship with brad i feel i have known bek forever. we just click.

okay, so we had lots of good food thanks to bek and lou, had a tour of bek's place of employ, christopher newport university then the big night.

this was one happy girl with her tickets, then brad and me at HIS first DMB concert. brad and bek LOVED the show as much as i did. i think lou could have enjoyed a cat show and had a better time. he was a good sport though.

OH......bek was gracious enough to have her hairdresser fit me in. i FINALLY got a haircut. it is much shorter in the back and tapers to the front. i had a bad hair night the night of the concert but once i did it myself it does well on my head. here i am with my new haircut AND my concert poster. one happy girl once again.

a day of driving from newport news, va back to the mountains of appalachia. here come those mountains. it was a wonderful trip but i am always glad to be back home.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i have to tell you. i cannot wait until i get a sewing machine that can perform the tasks that i want to do. i love to sew just about anything but lately i have had way too many failures in areas i am not clothes. the purses are on hold, the quilts are on hold. i am waiting for my new machine that hopefully will possess the feet and strength i need to complete the things i want to make. i have so many unfinished and failed projects.

i have wasted sooo much time. quite a bit of material as well. that makes me want to hurl. material is like gold to me. it pains me to cut it out.

here are some of the unfinished projects.

first there are the birdie slings. i have one almost complete. the second one cut and pending the walking foot as i ran into a problem with interfacing.

second there are the dresses. the striped one was adorable but WAY too big. i have no idea how to fix it.
second and most recently i tried (in a hurry) to make a dress for the concert. i have a dress but i thought i would show off a bit.....hahahaha. if i am ever to wear it there is much work and and i just can't look right now.

oh well.....the good news. i have something to wear and when i get back i will gush about the DMB concert i am going to see friday night. going to the beach again too. so.....all is not los

be good. stay strong.
love, me