Wednesday, August 12, 2009


we have had so much fun this summer but it isn't over yet. i only have two weeks left before this face will meet me in the airport. hurry two weeks!!!!!we have been to charleston, we saw cassie perform in "RENT" we saw DMB!
but nothing compares to the excitement of this little guy...AND his mom and dad
HEY!!!! guess what? i ordered another sewing machine. it was very reasonable and was supposed to have about 9 different feet with it. BUT ebay seller made a mistake. no feet!!! OH MY!!! good news though. they gave me the machine free. so now i have a basic heavy duty janome. i just have to go buy all the feet for it.

now i have two machines! i am holding out for the big one though....the one that does EVERYTHING i need it to do for me.

today i am hitting the quilt. i pinned and prepped yesterday. hopefully i can show a finished product in the next day or two.

ta ta for now. enough blogging for today.

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