Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i have to tell you. i cannot wait until i get a sewing machine that can perform the tasks that i want to do. i love to sew just about anything but lately i have had way too many failures in areas i am not clothes. the purses are on hold, the quilts are on hold. i am waiting for my new machine that hopefully will possess the feet and strength i need to complete the things i want to make. i have so many unfinished and failed projects.

i have wasted sooo much time. quite a bit of material as well. that makes me want to hurl. material is like gold to me. it pains me to cut it out.

here are some of the unfinished projects.

first there are the birdie slings. i have one almost complete. the second one cut and pending the walking foot as i ran into a problem with interfacing.

second there are the dresses. the striped one was adorable but WAY too big. i have no idea how to fix it.
second and most recently i tried (in a hurry) to make a dress for the concert. i have a dress but i thought i would show off a bit.....hahahaha. if i am ever to wear it there is much work and and i just can't look right now.

oh well.....the good news. i have something to wear and when i get back i will gush about the DMB concert i am going to see friday night. going to the beach again too. so.....all is not los

be good. stay strong.
love, me

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  1. The bottom dress is to die for...seriously. :) Have fun at Dave and the beach, and I can't wait to see you in two weeks!!!!


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