Friday, August 21, 2009


to all those i love thanks for the prayers for my mom. perky is doing much better. we have her in a rehab facility to strengthen up....that is all she needs..yea!!!

i will say she is not real happy about this idea of ours, exercise not being one of her favorite things to do but she IS doing it.

it was good being back in tulsa even though it was so entirely hectic. i got a sneak preview of this week getting to spend only one day over at julie, stacie and that precious baby jackson. he is the cutest thing i have EVER seen in my life.

if you want to watch just how adorable he is you can go here and watch me and him chewing is too cute for words.

they will be here tomorrow and i cannot wait!!!! i am canning tomotoes today. i will let you know about that later...i have never done such a thing before. i have lots of sewing news but not a lot of time. i will chat you all later.

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