Thursday, August 13, 2009


my mothers name is mary but everyone knows her by perky. even all the kids. it is "perky and papa's house" that they visit. my mom has been suffering small strokes for several years and is in the hospital as i write. i cannot be there (i would make it if it were critical) as plane fares are quite high and i am waiting to see if my help would be needed more when she comes home. all that is me venting my guilt as to why i moved so far and that i am here and not there.

the point of my blog today is to ask all who know me to please pray for her speedy and complete recovery. the strokes are small rendering confusion mostly. she still has all her physical function with the exception of debilitating weakness. as a nurse i understand what illness does to one's strength.

please pray for my mom to get better. i need her in my life. we all do. she is a ray of sunshine and the reason i have learned to love so completely in my life.

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