Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Poll

 I need your help. I have been on vacation, going back home to Tulsa for the last week. It was wonderful to see all of my friends, family and especially my two year old grandson Jackson. He is really something else. I cannot believe how much he reminds me of my daughter and the love I feel for him is so similar. I will not go on and gush but I was looking forward to sharing some pictures with you all of an awesome family quilt i scored, the pile of fabric I obtained from the LQShops in the area.

The dilemma. I left my camera behind at my parents house. Ordinarily this would be no big deal but you do not know my parents. It is gone for an eternity. It will eventually surface but who knows when. *sidenote* They are not hoarders. They have a lovely home. A very large home with tons of decor, shelving, etc. My mom lost her Ipad and we ended up finding it two weeks after she lost it. I needed a new camera anyway as I have expressed the last couple of times I have posted. Somehow I could not get things just right. So this brings me to you fellow bloggers, artists and photographers. I have been doing my research by reading and even looking on flickr at who takes good pics and the cameras they are using.


i personally think this is awesome

i like to look at this

do these work? hmmm...
Okay, enough fun. If you all could help me I would be grateful. You know how many cameras are out there and you know what we use them for. I want something reliable, takes multiple shots without a lot of hassle. ease of use is huge to me although I do have photography experience and know how to adjust f stops and lighting and it may be nice to do that sometimes. I need a motion stabilizer. I like to do all my editing on the computer not the camera. I do not like to use aa batteries because it is not cost effective. I am looking at anything in the range from $200-500. I am looking at another Canon but I kind of like the Nikon for motion stability and the speed of rapid shooting. I know very little about fuji, pentax, olympus.
Please leave me a comment on your experience or opinions.
thanks to all my friends,


  1. If I had to buy a p&s camera right now, I would replace my Canon 790IS with this: Which means I live in "go with what you know" mode :)

  2. thanks michelle! this is exactly the kind of things i need to hear.

  3. I just recently purchased a Nikon Coolpix p500. I really like it - although - I need to learn to use it to it's full potential. It is a point and shoot, but at the higher end. I notice when the battery is getting weak...the pictures are not as sharp. And this is Mary@mollyflanders in case Blogger wants to make me anonymous! LOL!

  4. I just recently purchased a Nikon D3100 like the pictures it takes but am still learning how to use it. So far so good.


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