Monday, May 2, 2011

Okay I am back!

On my last post i promised to end hoarding. I have to start at the beginning. To make a long story short we just had a wave of bad luck since the last post so I apologize for the lack of anything resembling cuteness. I am working on that now. My poor husband had several heart stents, had multiple complications, Christmas came and I was flying from Oklahoma and back over and over.

It seems to have calmed now. Everyone is well including my sweet hubby. I will be leaving in a week for a week back to Oklahoma. My daughter is expecting her second and I need to see my parents.

Now that that is out of the way I did manage to finish up a few items before Christmas. One was my fathers quilt. The earthy S quilt out of Kaffe Fasssetts Country Garden Quilts. The pictures I apologize for as the colors are not accurate. The pictures are underneath this post. A new camera is in order. Those pictures i have posted. I chose that quilt as I am native american and that came from my father. I thought this quilt had a native american feel to it and was masculine as well. I was very pleased with it.

The second quilt I rounded up before Christmas was for my sister. I chose "Dream On" and used a layer cake in a very simple design using every part of that layer cake.

 I found a vintage sheet for the backing. I chose this line for my sister because it reminded me of every sheet we ever slept on as little girls. It was the 70's after all so I felt like I recognized them. She knew immediately and loved the quilt so all was well. That was about as much as I could do under the circumstances. I even forgot to photograph it before I left town and left that to them. This sounds so pitiful.

So...that was then, this is now.

Since then I layed low and kept participating in the 3x6 sampler quilt mini bee. The blocks around Christmas were done quickly and very late but I got them out!

The following blocks were the first round of this year

For some reason I cannot get away from strippy blocks....I just love them.

Speaking of strippy try making a quilt from a honeybun log cabin style. I am trying to focus on destashing my Wonderland stash. All I have managed so far is this one pitiful baby quilt top.

I will finish the others up shortly. I have promised myself and I do have a new grandbaby coming!

How excited are we at the new DS prints! I will post on that later. I have now gotten myself into another strippy block situation. here is a sneak peak at what may or may not become a block. These are a little time consuming.

Wish me luck on this! Thanks for being patient and I apologize for the long delay. I have since joined a mug rug swap as well so if you are visiting from that site welcome! i go through this destash process there WILL be giveaways....good ones i promise!

cheers to all,


  1. Glad to see you back! :)

  2. Welcome back, hope all is well on the home front as far as health goes. Congratulations on the the new grand baby.


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