Friday, January 1, 2010


for the first time ever i had a problem saying goodbye to the year. it has been the most wonderful year in my life. so much has happened to change me and my life forever. all of it good. i am moving forward with the attitude that this will just be my life from now on. i am not thinking of the possibility of anything going wrong, new wrinkles, aching joints or any of those things that aging and the movement of time bring. i am "in the moment." yes, that is my resolution. each and every moment is a lifetime in itself to be savored in all its glory because i may never have another moment like it again. this includes my coffepot acting up, getting clogged with grounds this morning while i peacefully slept then awakening to coffee, grounds and some obnoxious noise. does anyone know how wiley coffee grounds can be to clean up?

anyway, happy new year to all. may you all feel the way i do at the end of next year and remember "in the moment."

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