Friday, January 29, 2010


hello my fabric junkies. for all of you that bid on ebay for heather's fabrics BEWARE of anything that is posted as out of the ordinary! i have a seller trying to dodge a refund BUT the most annoying part of this is that she is PERSONALLY bugging heather ross to clear up her dispute. one of my HEROS is going to think i am a nut!

west hill horses. three colors. she claims she has 3 yards of a beige colorway! what! beige! the picture was beige as well. this would have made it a factory misprint. can you imagine having a factory misprint of heathers fabric? valuable? i think so. stupid on my part? definately.

so...if you think it is too good to be true...guess what? it is.

love to all

waiting for julieann and jackson to get here so i can START his munki quilt. the first in a very, very, long series of munki quilts. let's see six married...five to go. how many grandchildren will there be? OH MY!!


  1. oh dear..... hope you resolve it! fingers crossed for J+J's journey.

  2. Checking in on you! Glad Julie & Jackson were coming today and not Friday or Saturday or their flight might have been cancelled. Don't count those grandchildren before they hatch! We still don't see more than just Millie anywhere in the future and we have all five kids, all married! Lynn


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