Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The blocks for the 3x6 bee

i forgot to show you the failed block. i placed it back together as i have already removed one of the middle seams but you get the idea. i really like the block.....i am just a "wee" bit short of 12.5"....isn't that a bummer?

here are the fabrics i am using for the next block....the colors are brown, orange and pink...i think by looking at the fabric i am missing one....i am also using munki lipstick...one tube..in coral.


  1. love the black and white block. such a shame about it not being big enough. keep it for something else. you could put some borders around it for a monochromatic cushion.

  2. that block looks great to me, im sure you will find a use for it! the next one up looks great too!

  3. the black and white block is wicked cool!

    (btw, i found you by way of the modern quilt guild comments)


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