Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eye candy out of disaster

one of the things on my list to do is to renovate my sewing space. i am extremely fortunate to have a large space that, if done right, should be awesome. i am so indecisive. do i have things built in, fabric airtight containers to protect it? in small shelves so i can see it? do i group it by color? designer? what do i do with all this stuff i have accumulated? it is daunting. one good thing that has come out of this is i get to pull out all my fabric again and fondle it...this is where i get stuck most of the time. i start planning even more to do.

many thanks to my swap buddies for my growing stash.....everything is so pretty. that is another thing. the old stuff...what to do? you know.....the fabric you will never ever use. do i donate it? sell it to some newbie on ebay? pattern storage.....oh my. ribbons, fabric paints, art supplies, large amounts of tracing and design paper. bins and bins. then there is the mobile cart with all the things you need to quilt. most of you know...this is a lot of stuff. oh....see this mess? small portion.....and audrey stays!

anyway...back to the eye candy.

when this is over a giveaway to celebrate!!!!

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  1. have you tried positng some of the fabric on flickr in the destash group? I have had a little luck getting rid of some fabric I no longer want that way...i am willing to swap double my fabric for somethign i want!

    please show more eye candy! love it!


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