Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SIS BOOM! my jennifer p. is organized!!!

hello my fellow fabric junkies. a couple of things.

number 1. i am having difficulty with paper piecing so if you are going to use the method for paper piecing that i am using in the previous post consider a couple of things BEFORE beginning that project. ASSUME that your computer and printer system may change the size of the template to accomodate your printer and secondly check not only one measurement but place your entire 6.5 inch square up ONTO the template to make sure it will be the full 12.5 inch block. i will be returning to that project as soon as my kona comes in. i ran out of black and cannot find it locally plus i needed a few other colors.

i may or may not continue with that block. i will try one more time and if i have the frustration of the last time...no way. however, i think it will be okay now that i have discovered the issue.

as i begin to clear out the studio for the remodel i am trying to decide how to file the fabric. for today i started with my jennifer paganelli. if you like/love jennifer p. as i do now is a great time for picking up some basics as they are on sale and you can pick up great deals! i decided for now to color coordinate and box "by designer" just for now as i pack them into the boxes. it just makes it easier.

i will try to share as much of
my collection as i can duringreorginizaton/remodel....then, a giveaway of "one" of these lines....which one? i am debating flea market fancy and munki munki however i am open to suggestion.

here is my jennifer p. stash to date (not including charms)

thanks to all of you! pick up on these sales! you know that wonderland has been released temporarily in tomato and sugar. i will get to my wonderland soon! now i am going to work on that block while trying to get ready for company this week. i will go quiet next week as my precious daughter and grandson will be here! yay!!!!! i need to make some more softies as well. jackson loves his treeling! i also need to start on jackson's munki quilt. my first one! i cannot wait but i have to get ufo's out of the way first. i wish i could do five things at once like some bloggers but i just cannot. especially with a studio that is out of order.

love to all!


  1. beautiful pictures of beautiful fabrics! have fun with the kids!

  2. WOW.. lovely photos... NOW I know why you have been so quiet!! :-)

    Glad Jackson likes his Treeling! Have a great time together.

  3. Leslie so lovely getting to know you!!!! tomorrow my assistant is going to get me all set up on your site..probably simple but sometimes when I'm designing she plugs away at blogging...so just to tell you what an honor to be in your stash..xoxoxox Jennifer


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