Thursday, February 4, 2010

the modern quilt guild

i have posted the modern quilters guild button on my blog.

this is a call to arms girls. i live in west virginia. supposedly the center of many states that quilt. however, there are NO modern quilters that i know of. most of the women are older (i know, i am old too) and only work traditional quilting.

Is there anyone in this area that would be interested in starting a modern quilt guild in this area?i have been desperately looking for a partner or a group of girls that are interested...possibly starting our own chapter of THE modern quilt guild in this area.if you are interested and live in this area please either email me or let me know here. i am willing to start this group, find a space and work the work if we can get enough girls involved. most women in this area are old time quilters. our shops are empty of good fabrics and i think we can change me!thanks,leslie


  1. Leslie, HOW FUNNY!!! I am in Charleston, too! I was just about to post to my blog that I would love to start a chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild here but wasn't sure where to start. I am in the process of teaching a group of my friends how to quilt the modern way. ;) Email me and we'll chat!!!

  2. I just found your blog and if I still lived at home (Logan) I would be right there with you! I live in a town on the NC coast now (full of retirees) and there is no-one here that does any modern or semi-modern quilting. I am just starting out so I am still learning and haven't done a lot but I thank god for the internet!! There is a fabric store in Madison, are there any good ones in charleston besides the JoAnns? Glad to know that if we should move back that there are other non-traditional quilters around!!
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