Saturday, December 26, 2009


now that christmas is over i have to finish the gifts that did not get done in time. i completed this tote bag for my mother in law for her knitting.

i finished this purse for my stepdaughter. it was out of amy karol's bend the rules sewing and i thought it was easy and fun. as you can see i did not stray out of the lines. i will branch out the next time i make this with different markings and fabrics. it was fun and i am pleased with the result. very roomy purse. larger than "the everything bag" out of seams to me.

i am very excited about finishing the last of the projects for christmas because i want to start on all of the quilts i have been hoarding. i am especially excited about the release of the "gee's bend" quilt fabrics and kits. i have ordered and will be starting on one right away. i am pushing all of my other projects back because of this. the history behind these quilts is simply amazing. the books are fascinating. they even have a childrens book that is so adorable. they can be found on amazon here.

they are fascinating to view. this collage belongs to blogger oh liza jane. i just can't get my mind off these quilts.

remember for those of you participating that the new years challenge is closing in. i will NOT be winning as i am no where close to where i thought i was and i am blogging now instead of sewing. i am off to sew can begin on the NEW projects that have been in my head for months.

love to all,


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  1. Very nice bags! Especially the knitting one! I am sure your MIL will be very happy when she gets it! Looking forward to seeing all your new projects!


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