Saturday, December 26, 2009


i hope all my friends had a wonderful christmas. i do not know how many of you are glad it is over. i, for one, am thankful for that. now, a lot of us had to wrap things up in a snowstorm,
some of you could not even meet with family for christmas due to weather (i am sorry.) in the end, i feel it was a wonderful year.

i feel very blessed and i hope each and everyone of you feel an inkling of how i do. my favorite present? my marriage of course. see previous post on that matter.

second would have to be this....the above snowstorm resulted in the loss of our previous vehicle.

yep, i have an awesome husband...and if that weren't enough

i got this...
thanks ashley from film in the fridge for the photo.

on a different note. i do not have the pictures to reflect my favorite face shots of people i gave things to. i have two. the beatles quilt went over wonderfully.....and zoe was pleased with her stocking.

my daughters quilt was and still is stuck in the blizzard

my son opened his early and pretended he didn't. (i left it there thanksgiving for him to open on christmas) he got the jedi robe. he was very happy about it though. my sister and brother in law were happy with the navajo vessell i found in a great antique mart on my way back from oklahoma.

my husband got his gifts over the entire month of december because i can't wait...i have to give it right then....he is also happy with the jeep. especially since he wrecked the explorer.

merry christmas everyone!

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  1. Lovely snowphoto and great table settings! Great everyone was happy with their presents too. All well that ends well. Now you can relax!!


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