Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i never touched a sewing machine in my life with the exception of a home economics class when i was 12. i never thought i would. i was a career woman working all my hours as a registered nurse in home health. the hours were long and i had no time for sleep much less a hobby.

fortunately for me i met the love of my life and with many life changes, including a well deserved sabbatical from nursing, i found myself with time on my hands. i have always been involved in creative, photography, etc. and i went down the list. no. no. no. what about sewing? i started looking at fabrics, then quilts, then more fabric. now, i never thought of fabric as art...or entertainment. now...well...i could write a book on the art of fabric design, OCD and fabric obsession.

in january of 2009 i was blessed with my first grandchild jackson. i decided i would teach myself how to quilt so i could make jackson a quilt.....(boy did that open a can of worms. more like pandoras box) so i bought a sewing machine and began to sew.

what in the world do you sew a little boy other than a quilt? i needed practice. so i bought lotta jansdotter's "sewing for baby." i was hooked. i made all kinds of quirky little goodies while working on a quilt. i finished the quilt and some of the other items and saved the bulk of it for this christmas. i delivered that box over the thanksgiving holidays as jackson is now 10 months and VERY interested in everything but the main thing i wondered about was red.

here is RED. i made him from the above book. i thought he was very easy to make, has tons of personality and would be safe and interesting for my precious baby.
i would highly recommend sewing this toy if you have a little one. the link below is my jackson playing with his friend red.
have a GREAT DAY!!!
i am off to sew more for christmas. how about you?

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  1. Love red and love the video! 10 months you say? and nearly walking? Wow, that is one advanced baby! He clearly loved his friend Red!! What a success!! I can see why red needs a rest on the bed after all that activity!

    Welcome to the world of fabric addiction!


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