Sunday, December 13, 2009


those of you close to me have known what roads i have traveled to get where i am today. there have been many hurdles along the way.

in the last few years of my life something wonderful and magical happened to me and changed my entire life. i was given a gift i do not feel worthy of. it was the gift of true, unabandoned love that was beyond anything i had believed existed.

i can only hope for every person on this planet that they can or will find what i found. it is what i believe we are here for. to find our way, through love, to spread goodness in every way to all people we meet.

i met that one person who is by my side accomplishing this with me.

i love him like no other.

i married him this weekend.

this was the most magical weekend of my life. it was the most perfect and beautiful ceremony i have ever attended. our vows, not written by us, were so perfect it was like everything else about us....they were magical. they are too long to blog but if you would like them i will be happy to send them to you, just ask. i will end this blog with an excerpt from these vows.....

from the book Gift from the Sea by Ann Morrow Lindberg. "The Winged Dance"

"A good relationship has a pattern like a dance. The partners do not need to hold on tightly, because they move confidently in the same pattern. To touch heavily would be to arrest the pattern and check the endlessly changing beauty of unfolding. There is no place for the possessive clutch, the clinging arm, the heavy hand, only the barest touch in passing. Now arm in arm, now face to face, now back to back-it does not matter which because they know they are moving to the same rhythym, creating a pattern together, and being invisibly nourished by it. The dancers who are perfectly in time never destroy the winged life in each other or in themselves."

thank you for listening. have a wonderful weekend and holiday season.

all my love,



  1. OH!!!! Beautiful, beautiful, divine!!!
    i have tears in my eyes.


  2. Congratulations to you both! It looks perfect Leslie!! Lovely church, beautiful bride (just love the dress and the bouquet together!) happy groom and wonderful vows. I'm so happy for you. A wonderful occasion and lovely photos. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  3. Beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful. And perfect. :)

  4. Congrats to you too!! I love the red! You look absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Congratulations Leslie!! Yours is such a sweet story, here's to many more years of happiness!


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