Thursday, December 17, 2009


one more quilt finished before christmas and was it a challenge. my daughter had a comforter a long time ago that was a laura ashley pink/white ticking with rosebuds. she loved it and wondered if i could make one "kind of like it." is nothing like it with the exception of the pink/white ticking and rosebuds. it is a mish mash of rose fabrics from tanya whelan, quiltgate, liberty, kona and joann's. i had to tea dye a couple of them so they would not clash too badly. then i stared at all of this for a long, long time. i drew pictures. i played with blocks, i walked in circles. i threw all the fabric in a chair and retreated, then i began to line them up....i kinda liked it. i played with them, drew a bunch more pictures, tried to decide whether to do this in three pieces or one. three would have been easier.

now i have a quilt that is the first one i have ever named.


that is what it reminds me of. if you can't see a rosebush just consider me deranged. it is very muted, subtle and sweetly feminine. the polar opposite of the last quilt i made for christmas. it is machine freemotion in a meandering pattern, hand bound....can i just say.....i hate, hate, hate to bind? it is labeled, washed and now documented.

i am really happy with it but more importantly, i think she will be too.

julieann, if you are reading this you know how you are going to feel xmas morning with that wrapped box in your hand and the entire family looking at you....*wink* she won't be able to stand it. she is reading this.

have a great day. i am off to start yet another and pray i can finish in in time..

love, me


  1. You let the cat out of the bag!! But it is lovely to see it in full colour. It is a labour of love but has been SO worth it!

    Julieann is a very lucky girl! It is a lovely quilt and well done for designing it! bowing in admiration...

    btw I love doing the binding... shame you are not near or I'd have given you a hand! :-)

  2. So now that I proudly own the most perfect, amazing, beautiful, touching quilt ever I am able to read this blog and I must say that guilty paragraph cracked me up!!! But, I did not look!! :) thank you again mom. You are a force to be reckoned with.


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