Monday, September 28, 2009


okay i know. be creative leslie. quit using free download patterns from moda. but you know what? i have so many plans for so many quilts. if you are a quilter you will know what i am talking about. you have all this very cute fabric. a lot of it you have hoarded along with patterns, pictures, dog eared books and bookmarked sites for ALL these quilts that you are going to make with that "just perfect" fabric. this is only my second quilt. i didn't want to mess up perfectly good nest material on something i wasn't sure was going to highlight the fabric and i am just not experienced enough yet to pull that in. THAT SAID......i have almost completed my nest quilt. it is sandwiched with about three blocks quilted.

i am having a hard time trying to decide to quilt blocks differently or all the same. i better make up my mind pretty quick because i have three different blocks done three different ways so....that would be a lot of ripping.

thanks for looking. if you know me this could be for you. i am working on christmas right now. maybe not though.

Friday, September 18, 2009


i have endured most every hurdle i can think of while constructing this quilt. i have had this quilt hanging around for the better part of 5 months. finally....3 sewing macines later and the proper techniques FINALLY working it is finished. layered, stippled, bound, washed, dried and ready to go to its owner...oh darn....will have to make the label. surely that cannot be that difficult.

so jackson honey. this was my first quilt and you sure taught saaa a lot of lessons. i just hope the ones waiting in the wings will go a little more smoothly. there are a lot waiting in the wings. too much. unfinished. staring at me.

if i do not start moving this fabric i could be in trouble. i am signed up for some interesting classes. hopefully i will learn not to make too many mistakes and quilts will be pulled from my dryer on a weekly...not every six month basis.

can you say STASH!!!! i have a stash and i don't want to see it go down but it has to. oh whoa is me.

 cannot create very large blankets without a very large amount of fabric. several of them are gifts and a girl has to express her creativity.

they make you happy just looking at them don't they?

i hope everyone finds there niche in life or in tomorrow. everyone needs a niche. it helps stress levels.

time to sew a few more items.....pack a box with a little boy's name on it and send it on to oklahoma.

his name is jackson and he started my love of quilting. thank you jackson.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

oh yes, i do still sew

okay...with all the excitement and drama in the last month i have not forgotten my passion. i have forgotten to document some of the events around my sewing however
may i introduce to you new baby. my used but new to me janome memory craft 6500.

first of all yes, i know, i now have three machines. my brother, my janome and my new janome. they all have a purpuse and will all be used.

secondly, i know i am still stuck on this quilt. it is jacksons and as you can see it is being quilted so it should be a day or so before this little number is DONE!
i have about 10 quilts in queu sp? they are lined up and ready to go. maybe in this growing stash pool is your quilt....maybe you see the fabric that just may be coming your way for christmas in a bundle of soft think? the pics from the sewing room are going to be top secret until christmas is over.

my stash pile is growing. i hate so to see it go down so i have to keep a replenishment going at all times. the daily mail delivery is the highlight of my day.
off to the studio to get this show on the road!!!

Hug your child right now if you can

how did this happen? how did i raise such a beautiful, precious daughter with all these qualities that i admire so much? as a mom you look to yourself for every flaw your child ever possesses. if they have a bad hair day it is because of you, if they throw a fit in public it is you. as they get older you worry that something or other you did affected them in a negative way.
it makes it hard when they grow up to be such unbelievable adults. puzzling for sure. to my point.....not only were my kids, julie and stacie a delight to have for the week they were here..(sniff...sniff) geez i miss them but YESTERDAY evening these arrived at the door.

the sweetest thank you note accompanied this beautiful arrangement. my precious kids took the time and spent money (that they shouldn't) to send these to us to thank US..mind you. thank us for the trip to w.v.

thank you julieann, stacie and jackson, for the beautiful flowers. you know you did not need to do this. just seeing you and having you here was more than i could have dreamed. i miss all of you so very much and i am so proud of your family....most of all though


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


oh my gosh, where do i begin? julieann, stacie and my precious jackson came for the week. first i will summarize this by saying i am so very proud of my kids. what gracious houseguests, extremely fun to be with, easygoing and i must say....the best parents. i could not be more fortunate. i do not have to worry about that baby. he is loved and protected with absolute certainty. that is a great feeling for a grandma to have. by the way i go by the name saa. that is pronounced like baaa, as in baa baa black sheep. this came about via my nephew bobby.....a long time ago. it fits somehow.

jackson came in bearing a certificate declaring his first plane flight, complete with wings and airspeed and altitude.
he is a smiling bundle of compressed, squeezable, smell good love.

we did not do anything of significance. we hung out, watched some movies, went to toys r us of course.

the kids went out one night to have dinner and take in a movie alone.
we took a tour of downtown and went to the bookstore.....very fun.
we had meg over to meet each other.
jackson slept in my room the whole week. i just took over. feeding him is a delight. seeing his sleepy little mug is a delight. bathing him......oh my god!!! the most fun
we had a day when we bathed zoe and then took to the pool. the sun was strong so we made sure he was well covered with clothes and sunburn here!
zoe was always good with him. she stayed close by. i could not decide whether she was protecting him or waiting to capture his position as "the baby everyone makes loving noises to" whatever it was, she was very sweet.
we took them to the new river gorge bridge. it is very impressive. if you do not know anything about west virginia, turn over a west virginia quarter and that bridge is on there
we had dinner at a quaint little mexican restaurant in the mountains then trekked to the bridge.

sorry park services, we did deface just a wee bit. how often does a baby have his name overlooking a view like this?
all in all we had a wonderful time. i know these visits will be few so let me bask for a long time in this last one.