Monday, September 28, 2009


okay i know. be creative leslie. quit using free download patterns from moda. but you know what? i have so many plans for so many quilts. if you are a quilter you will know what i am talking about. you have all this very cute fabric. a lot of it you have hoarded along with patterns, pictures, dog eared books and bookmarked sites for ALL these quilts that you are going to make with that "just perfect" fabric. this is only my second quilt. i didn't want to mess up perfectly good nest material on something i wasn't sure was going to highlight the fabric and i am just not experienced enough yet to pull that in. THAT SAID......i have almost completed my nest quilt. it is sandwiched with about three blocks quilted.

i am having a hard time trying to decide to quilt blocks differently or all the same. i better make up my mind pretty quick because i have three different blocks done three different ways so....that would be a lot of ripping.

thanks for looking. if you know me this could be for you. i am working on christmas right now. maybe not though.

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