Thursday, September 10, 2009

oh yes, i do still sew

okay...with all the excitement and drama in the last month i have not forgotten my passion. i have forgotten to document some of the events around my sewing however
may i introduce to you new baby. my used but new to me janome memory craft 6500.

first of all yes, i know, i now have three machines. my brother, my janome and my new janome. they all have a purpuse and will all be used.

secondly, i know i am still stuck on this quilt. it is jacksons and as you can see it is being quilted so it should be a day or so before this little number is DONE!
i have about 10 quilts in queu sp? they are lined up and ready to go. maybe in this growing stash pool is your quilt....maybe you see the fabric that just may be coming your way for christmas in a bundle of soft think? the pics from the sewing room are going to be top secret until christmas is over.

my stash pile is growing. i hate so to see it go down so i have to keep a replenishment going at all times. the daily mail delivery is the highlight of my day.
off to the studio to get this show on the road!!!

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