Friday, September 18, 2009


i have endured most every hurdle i can think of while constructing this quilt. i have had this quilt hanging around for the better part of 5 months. finally....3 sewing macines later and the proper techniques FINALLY working it is finished. layered, stippled, bound, washed, dried and ready to go to its owner...oh darn....will have to make the label. surely that cannot be that difficult.

so jackson honey. this was my first quilt and you sure taught saaa a lot of lessons. i just hope the ones waiting in the wings will go a little more smoothly. there are a lot waiting in the wings. too much. unfinished. staring at me.

if i do not start moving this fabric i could be in trouble. i am signed up for some interesting classes. hopefully i will learn not to make too many mistakes and quilts will be pulled from my dryer on a weekly...not every six month basis.

can you say STASH!!!! i have a stash and i don't want to see it go down but it has to. oh whoa is me.

 cannot create very large blankets without a very large amount of fabric. several of them are gifts and a girl has to express her creativity.

they make you happy just looking at them don't they?

i hope everyone finds there niche in life or in tomorrow. everyone needs a niche. it helps stress levels.

time to sew a few more items.....pack a box with a little boy's name on it and send it on to oklahoma.

his name is jackson and he started my love of quilting. thank you jackson.

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  1. Yay!!! I'm so excited! It is so beautiful mom. Stacie and I are in awe of you. Jackson will love it. Your last paragraph made me choke up. I miss you.


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