Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hug your child right now if you can

how did this happen? how did i raise such a beautiful, precious daughter with all these qualities that i admire so much? as a mom you look to yourself for every flaw your child ever possesses. if they have a bad hair day it is because of you, if they throw a fit in public it is you. as they get older you worry that something or other you did affected them in a negative way.
it makes it hard when they grow up to be such unbelievable adults. puzzling for sure. to my point.....not only were my kids, julie and stacie a delight to have for the week they were here..(sniff...sniff) geez i miss them but YESTERDAY evening these arrived at the door.

the sweetest thank you note accompanied this beautiful arrangement. my precious kids took the time and spent money (that they shouldn't) to send these to us to thank US..mind you. thank us for the trip to w.v.

thank you julieann, stacie and jackson, for the beautiful flowers. you know you did not need to do this. just seeing you and having you here was more than i could have dreamed. i miss all of you so very much and i am so proud of your family....most of all though


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