Wednesday, September 2, 2009


oh my gosh, where do i begin? julieann, stacie and my precious jackson came for the week. first i will summarize this by saying i am so very proud of my kids. what gracious houseguests, extremely fun to be with, easygoing and i must say....the best parents. i could not be more fortunate. i do not have to worry about that baby. he is loved and protected with absolute certainty. that is a great feeling for a grandma to have. by the way i go by the name saa. that is pronounced like baaa, as in baa baa black sheep. this came about via my nephew bobby.....a long time ago. it fits somehow.

jackson came in bearing a certificate declaring his first plane flight, complete with wings and airspeed and altitude.
he is a smiling bundle of compressed, squeezable, smell good love.

we did not do anything of significance. we hung out, watched some movies, went to toys r us of course.

the kids went out one night to have dinner and take in a movie alone.
we took a tour of downtown and went to the bookstore.....very fun.
we had meg over to meet each other.
jackson slept in my room the whole week. i just took over. feeding him is a delight. seeing his sleepy little mug is a delight. bathing him......oh my god!!! the most fun
we had a day when we bathed zoe and then took to the pool. the sun was strong so we made sure he was well covered with clothes and sunburn here!
zoe was always good with him. she stayed close by. i could not decide whether she was protecting him or waiting to capture his position as "the baby everyone makes loving noises to" whatever it was, she was very sweet.
we took them to the new river gorge bridge. it is very impressive. if you do not know anything about west virginia, turn over a west virginia quarter and that bridge is on there
we had dinner at a quaint little mexican restaurant in the mountains then trekked to the bridge.

sorry park services, we did deface just a wee bit. how often does a baby have his name overlooking a view like this?
all in all we had a wonderful time. i know these visits will be few so let me bask for a long time in this last one.

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  1. We had a lot of fun! Of course I hate the pics with me in them. I still double take and can't believe that's me. Gross.


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