Sunday, October 18, 2009

OMG i'm 50

i am going to date this post 10-4-09.
i apologize. there have been no posts for a bit. i can now move forward with my life without continual self reflection that the last two weeks have brought. 50!!!! i cannot believe it. i received a AARP card on my birthday. good grief. i had a lovely day on my birthday. i am going to post as if it is october 4th as that is when i thought i would post this.

i spent the day opening gifts, speaking to loved ones then we headed to kanawha state forest for a little hike. it was gorgeous and i have vowed to hike more often. especially now, the leaves are changing and although i abhore cold weather it is impossible to deny the beauty of fall. it is as if nature shows off trying to fill our brains with images to suffice for the colorless bitter cold that the next few weeks will slowly bring. in addition to that zoe thought the hike was the best thing since chicken.
we snapped a few pics. unfortunately on a cell phone as i forgot my camera.
what an unusual grouping of mushrooms. probably very poisonous but very pretty.
the leaves are just beginning.
a beaver dam. quite beautiful
half a century old.
have a great day!

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