Friday, October 30, 2009


in our community they celebrate trick or treat the thursday closest to halloween. when i first heard this i thought...what a sham... where is the spirit of spookiness and fun? well, i changed my mind. it is planned citywide from 6-8pm. let me back up a bit. i moved from a very large city and my hometown, tulsa, ok, to the capitol of w.v., charleston, within the last year. i have not had "real" trick or treaters in maybe......ten years. last night was what i remembered it to be when i was a child. we had loads of children. they began promptly at six, the streets filled and we had a steady stream through the next two hours then like magic at eight.....poof! no more. it is a wonderful idea. no errant rings of the doorbell at 10pm.

i thought the costumes this year were really good. it looks like parents dug into the pocketbook. my faves were the giant skull with the eyeballs that bounced around on springs....couldn't stop laughing at him....and the winter princess...who was cloaked in white fur and gold brocade...really beautiful. you can view some of these on my flickr page by clicking here or the flickr badge on the sidebar.

i hope everyone had a wonderful halloween,

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