Sunday, October 18, 2009

i forgot the camera again

this last thursday i branched out and took a bus trip into virginia and tennessee. it was a trip organized by quilts by phyllis to check out fabric and quilting stores. this was the cats pajamas....i had so much fun and i could have spent the night in those stores.

i want to give a shoutout to phyllis first though. if you live close to west virginia you need to visit phyllis and her store. not only will you find a large selection of top quality fabric and classes..her fabric pricing is also well below other stores you will visit. you will receive the friendliest and best service you can imagine. they quickly took me under their wing. quilts by phyllis is located in hurricane, WV just off I64.

i will also say i will be traveling back to kingsport TN to go to tennessee quilts again. what a selection. the prices are high without a discount (which we received) but well worth it if you need something of high quality. i bought adorable fabric and cannot wait to get going on some new quilt ideas...

some of them i can post and although i would dearly love to show you what i am working on most of them are gifts so i cannot.

let's just say i have almost completed two quilts the last two weeks and have three more started. i have a sore back and knees from crawling around on the floor stretching quilts but they sure are pretty.

OH!!!! one more thing. in searching for " just the right color of pink" kona cotton i thought i would go crazy. i searched on hancock's of paducah's website and found this.....a huge fold out color chart with actual fabric! OMG i love this thing! i would highly recommend if you use solid color. the day after i received it i saw another quilter blog about yours wherever you can for a mere 15 bucks....very worth it.

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