Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This and that

It is so easy to get bogged down. I often wonder how some of the bloggers have time to turn out the quilts they do at the rate they do. I have no idea why my clock runs slower but it does.

I do tend to get into projects that are of no interest in blogging about. Such as special projects for people that choose what fabrics or things they want. I do not blog on those. Maybe I should.

I have not arranged them in the final positions

I have started our first Guild Quilt Along. I am in the West Virginia Modern Quilt Guild but several of the members are far away and our meeting turnout has been slow to say the least. Meetings are on hold right now. I decided it was time to do something, anything to get some involvement. Thanks to Sandy Deem for helping me rally the troops while Stephanie was out of town. We are working on Cross Quilts. Any darn one they want. I chose the Me Plus You pattern because it has been a UFO in my bin for a long time. I am using green and navy with white with Modern Meadow and some Amy Butler tie ins.

I have a definate issue with photograhy in this lovely sewing room of mine. I try my best but the lighting really needs to be natural.

I have made approximately twenty swaddlers with burp sets. I do not know if any of you do these kinds of projects when fabrics go on sale but it is time consuming. Here are about half of them.

I ran into a great tip out there regarding labels or pesonalized tags, i do not remember who wrote it, I wish I could so that I could thank her. If you are out there thank you! She suggested to get your logo printed onto Spoonflower! It was so easy to download, size and figure out! It took me about twenty minutes and they turned out perfect! I received them today. I ordered them with the repeat I wanted and i did use cotton sateen so that quality and fading of the colors of my logo would not be an issue. I have hundreds for under thirty bucks! I thought it may be too good to be true but they are great for any of you that tag your custom orders or place in or on any etsy items you may sell. I received them today and very pleased!  

these are about 3x 1.2 or so

                            I received a pic of Cooper on his blanket.

If only they would stay this sweet a little longer

My daughter cannot catch my grandson long enough to take a picture of him. Next post.

ADDENDUM: she got him!

he looks like this picture thing is a setup...and it is..hehe

jackson with his old quilt and new wall hanging



  1. oh that picture is so sweet

  2. wow Leslie, you are one busy girl! thanks for passing along the spoonflower tip for labels, that is totally a brilliant idea!


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