Friday, September 3, 2010


Well, I finished my first applique. I have the definite opinion that it takes a lot of practice. I got much better with the second quilt but perfection is far, far away.

Jackson is my grandson and his quilt was the first i ever made. I used the scraps from his brown bear quilt to make a wall hanging. He moved to a bigger room and his walls looked empty. We can't have that.

Cooper is brand spanking new so congratulations to Ashli and Nick. Castle peeps are perfect for boy quilts. I can't wait to use all of them together.

Aside from the applique these were super easy. Coopers quilt is 42 x 48 and the wall hanging is 43 x 21. This was a project from moda bake shop found here.

Julie and Ashli, I will get these in the mail on Tuesday!


                                                         Off to dive in to the WIP bin!


  1. Lovely ! (and you need to write to me clearly! a lot seems to have happened :-)

  2. Adorable! I haven't attempted appliqué yet, I'm a bit nervous.

  3. Leslie, thank you so much for the adorable quilt! Julie brought it over today. I love it, and I know that Baby Cooper will get plenty of use out of it. :) That was so sweet of you to make!


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