Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fabric LOVE....and I do not mean AB

I can spend hours looking at fabric, fondling fabric, smelling fabric. If you have been bitten by this bug then you understand. I spend a lot of time looking at fabric. The majority of my time if the truth be known. But I never get tired of it. I also buy a lot of fabric...because you never know when it will go away...right? Let us take time for some fabric love.....ready?

yummy...lets break it down

modern meadow 1 and 2

whimsey circa 50 organic and how about michael miller kitchen utensils?
courtesy of fresh squeezed fabrics as well as the purple tufted tweets
castle peeps...i started with green in a quilt
they are just too cute
color!!!! i can hardly stand it
red and aqua but...
the alice and wonderland gauze is no more
i could just cry. you have never felt anything so soft in your life
way softer than kokka double gauze.
thanks to kerri at sew deerly loved

purples..finally awesome purples
hit the bargain bin for some 30's prints,
no bargain on the sugar prints

farmdale...i love these prints-fabricworm

That is it for now. I wonder how many other prints you all picked out in that pile
there are a lot of them.
We will have moments of fabric love occasionally.


may the fabric be with you.


  1. Oh so beautiful! You have great taste, I love all of it!

  2. You have some very pretty fabrics there.

  3. I know.

    This fabric bug is everywhere. It's all over the world.
    It bit me too :-))

  4. I've visited your blog so many times!! But I was searching the quilting bloggers from West Virgina and found you again.. I can't believe you're from Charleston!! I live in Milton! - I LOVE Your fabrics.. totally jealous girl here.. ; )


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