Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A salute to the end of summer and a back to school project.

 I think this is the end of summer. It has been an unusual summer. I did none of the things i usually do in the summer and things did not go like i thought they would (some surprise : ) ) tomotoes are just now ripening but they are the size of golfballs. I have heard others say the same but let us say hurray for some things.

We have had the BEST watermelon this year!

great corn on the cob, red peppers and midnight grapes
and did anyone else get a kick out of the
"throwback" pop cans? hA! I did.

The antique and  resale shops have been full of good stuff
i found these great scarves, a vintage pin and look at the set of
dishtowels i found! all of this for 12 bucks!

Last but not least it is back to school for those of you who do not home school.
I always found back to school very liberating. I know it is hard on some of you but
I had a lot of kids around so I thought it was cause for adult celebration.

Anyway, my stepdaughter came up with this clever solution to a boring white binder
What she wanted was basically an idea straight out of denyse schmidt's book
"quilts".  Using the technique for the project "discards" she wanted munki munki
I cut out some cardstock the size of the binder, set the sewing machine on a patchwork
type stitch and she picked out the pieces of munki munki that she liked.

i thought she did wonderfully

The only thing I would change is to serge or overstitch the top fairly secure
after one week it was beginning to fray.
She is happy with it and I credit her with a great idea!

You guys have a great day and i will be back soon with some fabric love.
It is about time for some, don't you think?

hugs, leslie
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Macaroni Love? The newest spoonflower release?
here is the link.


  1. LOVE, LOVE that little binder!! She is going to follow in your creative footsteps. :)

  2. That's super cute! She did a great job!


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