Tuesday, November 17, 2009


i thought i was immune to it....this munki munki thing. i was wrong. dead wrong.

it started innocently enough. i ordered a small scrap bag after receiving some mendocino fat quarters (which i loved.) that was it. DONE!

the more i looked at some of the quilts (blocks) being made with these little jewels i realized that my grandson (and future granchildren since we have six kids that will be procreating) NEED to have a munki munki quilt individualized for each child. this has set off an obsession i am sure others recognize.

some of the quilt blocks i am referring to can be found in ashley's photostream at film in the fridge here http://www.flickr.com/photos/27953607@N05/4014402762/in/photostream/
they are just too cute. it may take me awhile but i will get there.
i am in trouble because i do not have the funds to get all of the things i am wanting (was a problem anyway) now it is much, much worse.
someone was kind enough to lead me into swap land which i will be trying to manage...i think that is the only way i will be able to get what i need and want....i hope.

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