Tuesday, November 17, 2009


in keeping with my promise to attempt to complete all my UFO'S i have completed only one. the beatles quilt. not a quilt i would choose but then i did not choose it...my 10 y/o step daughter did. i just designed it. i designed 12in blocks, cut a little wonky, some log cabin, some just framed, depending on the image i was trying to capture in the fabric. it is a large quilt measuring 61x72. the center blocks are quilted in a spiraling square and i freemotioned straight lines on the first border and more spiraling squares in the final border. i also quilted in the ditch in the center of the enitire quilt. the back i pieced with a few things i thought she would like. anyway it is done and i never want to see beatles fabric again so i hope someone would like it in a swap....

happy quilting girls! ...and a few guys!

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  1. Beautiful! She'll love it! I can't stand the Beatles and I even love it!


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