Thursday, November 19, 2009


of course i have to leave town for one week, cutting into my sewing time. i have only completed 2/17 projects that i need to do before january 1st. i ALMOST finished the renassaince quilt tonight but as i pieced the backing i realized the fabric was from two different dye lots...lovely...this is what happens when you use fabrics from companies you do not know. since it is velvet i have to buy enough for another entire back and try again....

so for now...i have to be happy with a beatles quilt and a jedi robe. i wish i could work on something a little more interesting....and...well...pretty. how do you get excited over a jedi robe? i have a boy...grown boy but nevertheless all boy...and they DON'T want wonky block improv quilts with great fabric..... more thing...the model for the robe is not the future owner....he WAS a good sport as the dog tried to attack him....

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  1. Seeing him in a Jedi robe made my morning. That is hi-freaking-larious!


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