Wednesday, July 15, 2009

unbelievably precious

here he all his glory. this slobbering, grinning, gut laughing heavy bundle of love who is my grandson jackson.
how is it that i missed a lot of this with my own two children?...oh yeah....sleep deprivation. i remember some of it but in a totally different light. i will give my beautiful daughter a lot of credit for seeing the humor with the exhaustion. her pictures reflect that to me.

living so far away is very painful but i try try try hard to place myself in the moment every single day. thank god for the internet.

these are some of the precious pictures i have received this week. that reminds me....after i get back from charleston s.c. i need to get back to making baby clothes!! and toys!!!! he is my favorite customer of all.

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  1. I only find the humor in it because the humor is all I have to keep me sane!! If I don't laugh then I'll probably cry!


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