Wednesday, July 15, 2009

12 hours

that is how long it took me to make a few purses. i am so incredibly slow. how do these women do it that have children? i don't understand. i go to these remarkable etsy business sites, view beautiful creations. i look and think.....i can do that. well yeah....i could....but when would i eat? i think i am just too old.

now that i think about it though...i take a lot of breaks. you can't do that. i received my deluxe edition dave matthews cd set yesterday. all i can say is wow.......if you don't own it i am sorry. so i listened to dave and continued to pound out the purses. i needed them for this trip. one is a gift but i NEEDED a bag.

then there was time with zoe the dog. this was spent with a T-rex mask i got out of cocoa puffs that terrifies/delights her.

i won't be posting until next week due to the charleston, sc. trip. hopefully i will have a good time. i love the city but it is not a touristy trip. it is a family visit. darn!!!!! i would really like to pound the pavement there and see all the shops, eat all the food. love to all........


  1. Oh and the bags are ADORABLE! I especially love your big one!


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