Thursday, July 9, 2009

not enough time

it seems as though every day has opportunities. somehow i find myself fortunate enough to have too many interests. i think tomorrow i will make a list of all my time.

i have a project book. it is completely full. on top of that it is cute so everytime i look at it i feel like experimenting with damask images as that is what the cover of the book has on i

i managed to make a wonderful meal for dinner using herbs out of my garden. i also played with still life photography. i would like to make a project out of anna maria horners "seams to me" book.

i am working on a socialite dress that i messed up. i am trying to save it. i think it will end up a tunic or shirt. i did a no no. i tried to get by with less fabric. lesson learned. i could have pulled it off if i had thought to turn the fabric over on a fold. oh well.

that reminds me. i need to add that to the list. i need to order that book from her studio so i can have a signed copy.

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