Friday, July 24, 2009

quick trip to charleston, sc

moving to charleston, west virginia was traumatic at best. first of all i did not know there was another charleston (i know...elementary school state capitols)...anyway i vacationed in charleston sc for years. it was in my top 3 places to everything about it. so, when we scheduled our trip i was elated.
then i was under the assumption we would not be able to do fun stuff due to family obligations. i was wrong. brad's family was a delight, we had a wonderful time complete with sightseeing, shem creek and the beach! it was a nice break.

i am a complete sucker for the beauty of this towns architecture and general mood. i could have languished for days staring into gardens, eating seafood and shopping. i need another week there soon.

p.s. my tour partner was hotter than the weather!!!

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  1. Great pics mom! Oh, and your hair is SOOO cute! I love the length and color. You look adorable as usual! I love the beach pic where he's chewing on your cheek. You should frame that one..seriously.


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