Monday, August 30, 2010

A Winner and a Huge Thank You!!

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 Congragulations to the winner,
Patty said...

You sewing room is gorgeous! Zoe looks like my dog Rooney even the little bit of white on her chest. We got him in New Hampshire last year around this time, but he's originally from Kentucky. I can't over the resemblance! I now follow you blog and this fabric would be ideal for a wall hanging I'm making during a retreat it's kinda like an American Beauty.

August 25, 2010 5:13 PM

 Patty, i hope you enjoy the fat quarters. I had to go back and find you twice as the random number generator erases the number. just an fyi for those who may use it in the future. I also reduced the number to 120 due to multiple entries in case anyone was wondering. Patty, I will email you and get your information so i can get your package to you.
 It is so wonderful to be back and i am overwhelmed by all of your comments! I had a lot of fun reading over some of your blogs and everyone had so many nice things to say as well as some wonderful ideas! i have not cut into the stash myself so i thought i would easily make up my mind how to use it after reading your responses. i was so wrong. overwhelmingly most would make a quilt and i think the d9p gets the most votes BUT a few of you sent links to patterns confusing me even more....hahaha. i think i will do what i normally do. circle around flickr, fondle the fabric, sketch around abit, fondle the fabric more and eventually make a decision.

 I wanted to address some specific questions and since i DID take the process pledge i am applying it to the sewing room. yes, i had a great room to start with. since we are basically empty nesters i do not have small ones running around and getting into things. just zoe and, as you could see, she is an excellent friend. she naps through most of it. I forgot to add that i bought a battery operated dirt devil upright that swivels. dog hair or thread is left behind. i vacuum each day the room is used. the room is a basement which is good because i am out of the way, it is quiet, it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter but i only have one little window. the before pic clearly shows i had piled everything in here and it was a mess but once i got going here are the things that made it easy and inexpensive to complete.

1. The pegboard. it is actually two white pegboard sheets. cost: 12.00 ea. at home depot. 4 nails and small peices of styrofoam taped behind it to keep it off of the wall.
    the pegboard kit. I used every piece in this kit. here is the link. cost 13.00. that was it. Total 37.00

2. The design board. this is nothing but styrofoam sheets found at lowes or home depot for around less than 10.00. they are around 1x12x36" in a package of 6 and my husband measured the wall, taped multiple pieces together into a two sheet thickness (we could not find the thicker ones). i covered it with a package of warm and natural queen sized quilt batting (i thought white would get dirty faster) that i got on sale and secured it with t-pins. The entire wall was less than 30.00.

3. The cutting table was found at ReStore. If you have one in your area I strongly encourage you to go there. You can find virtually anything to build a house, room, whatever for a very good price and a very good cause. It is the Habitat for Humanity Warehouse. I picked up that table for 30.00 and it just needed a good cleaning. If i had a larger room I could have found much more there.

4. The fabric cabinet was found at a local used furniture store. I did not even have to paint it. It was ready to go and i would be embarassed to tell you how much fabric that dude can hold. I wish i had room for another one. I wish i could find another one. it did cost around 120.00. I always bargain at these stores. It pays off! The smaller shelved cabinet and the chest of drawers also came from used furniture stores, they were each less than 30.00 each and needed a fresh coat of paint.

5. Most of the decor (including the Couture pics, rugs and fat quarter baskets,) were found at tjmaxx or marshalls over a period of time.

6. Zoe was found at the local animal shelter a year ago last january. support your local shelter. she is the best dog i have ever had.....truly.... :)

7. The rest of it you all already know where to find!

so...that is the story of the sewing room and some tips for you. I hope yours turns out to be one you are happy with. I did keep a folder of ideas and rooms and it helped. Here are some of the images from my folder.

I want to send out a special thank you to those of you who sent so many here from your wonderful blogs. It is much appreciated.

Congragulations to our winner!


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  1. Congrats to Patty!
    Thanks for sharing more about your room :O)


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